Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama's Really Black!!

*A Genius + Mr. Jolla*

BaRocky's really Black...

And we have the proof fam.

"Got her toes done up, with her fingernails matchin'..."

Black people stay losing. Was the curly fry really necessary? And I'm mad that shit says "Obama" beside Barack's that nigga doesn't have a first name.

No shit...It's like she tried to celebrate New Year's and Obama's Inauguration all in one. That 'party favor' ass pinky nail decoration is more tacky than the LL posters this chick probably has on her a 32 year old woman. Momma said Knock You Out.

"I Started Out Starvin' they got me out here Brett Favre'in..."

This nigga was a Rhinestone Cowboy and shit. He's got the classic "I don't do much..." poses going, like "Nigga, I might be President and I really don't need photos of me throwing up 'GD' in my portfolio." was dominating his train of thought.

This guy was taking MySpace pictures in 70 something. Ol' "C0mm3nT Mii Pixz!" lookin ass nigga. Oh...and I lost mad respect for 3 Stacks...bitin' ass nigga. It trips me out how cool this guy was...

I mean, we already knew about the aforementioned dap:

*Terrorist fist jab...

...but how many of you knew that he was the highschool "Token Black Guy and Leading Scorer on our Basketball Team" type nigga?

He looks like the only option. It's the 2008 election all over again. I mean, since when do they let 2 people hold a basketball? And son on the bottom right clearly voted for McCain...

He had a Member's Only leather.

Too cool for school lookin' ass nigga...this picture was actually taken right outside of the highschool and shit, while class was going on... "Man I just came up here to steal this book right quick...fuck class! But...I will still have homework turned in on time...buhleedat."

Fonzarelli? With the Carl Thomas, "Emotional" turtleneck sweater jumpoff and all. Serious sidebar: Is Carl Thomas still alive? I'm really worried.

He gives non-verbal shout outs.

Daughter too. That's distinctly black. The official "I see you, my nigga!" point. You did it at graduation. Yea, that point.

Clearly you can see who's Daddy's Little Girl..."That One".

He smokes squares like your Uncle...the neighborhood mechanic.

He's smart enough to realize that 80 % of the country smokes and shit...and he chooses a non-descript looking brand so folks can't tell if it's Newports or Malboro's....but we know the truth...

I want to see him give a speech while smoking a cig. I bet 100 that it wouldn't fall out the whole time. "Let's be clear..."

Fam also has got the gift of gab...who else could make someone who so vehemently seemed to hate him just up and join his side? It's called the Sweet Science of Slick Talk...

Another $100 that he started that sentence with "Look here babygirl..." He gave her that 70's fly talk and put her in the stable...

Bill says: You just do you...cause I'ma do me!

Oh and last but not least...he's hated on by Racists...White or otherwise...

Nothing wrong with that.

But even with the hate, We Straight...

Real shit...he got his Reparations on and came back to the counter on some "Why the fuck does he, NON-President that he is, have cheese on his and I, the HNIC, not have any?" shit...the cook better get his mind right or end up like Joe the Plumber...all bad.

Someone had the nerve to revoke Obama's ghetto pass earlier last year...but we're granting him full platinum privileges...word to Too Short.

Word! His Ghetto Pass is way good on this side. The homie Biden...not so much.

So here you are President Obama...not that you needed it, but never know which niggas didn't watch the news for the last five years of his life...

Or ever.


  1. Let me get this movie paper right quick and then I'm putting you two on TV and we can write the shit together and win awards and get on stage and make the stupid staple minority remarks like Tracy Morgan.. But seriously.

  2. he seem like he was cool as hell in his younger days, mad popular and shit.
    and WTF @ those nails!
    yeah, deadasswrong.

  3. Aye this is so true when I found out Obama needed a square before making speeches on the campaign trail and that he has the typical nigga mannerism ..i.e ( picks up hand smacks bottom of box) I was like oh yea he's black.

  4. wtf!! this shit is sooo funny...omg ur silly.....

    love this post!

    chap 7 is up "The Good Life"

  5. "Too cool for school..."

    That sounded VERY familiar......ha

  6. Damn, this was cold..

    But in the spirit of competition, you got ate up Ronnie.. it's all good though, catchin' L's makes the team stronger, you ol' Big Easy lookin' ass nigga..

    I want in on the remix!

  7. lol this post is bananas!

    But Obama really just has it like that!! So glad it is his time.

  8. The "I See You, my Nigga" point had me in stitches b/c its true. We do that ish without even knowing.

  9. Ya'll know this shit is fiyah. Ain't nobody fuckin' w/PenPushaz.

  10. Ok the photo with the leather jacket is some kool & the gang, Dillon from 90210, Goldie from the Mack type sh*t

  11. Lol...Yeah its funny how now that Barrak is in office Lames in News Reporter costumes are exposing themselves left and right...smh. Maybe now that Barrak is in Office America can get it's swag back. I think that may have been a bargaining chip when they convinced the Japan to buy our debt...because them muh sukkas have been killin it lately.

  12. I lovvvveee this postt... i love this blog... and i think u guys are funny as shit...

    Thats All,

  13. yo my favorite from the video was.. Where is mah tea, u got mah tea?

    And Nah we straigh! lolz.

  14. See the cool kids are never successful after school, way to change that stereo type Obama.

  15. that was honestly thee funniest shit ive ever read
    i was lol-ing
    true talent

  16. sooooo done at Carl Thomas 'emotional' turtleneck.




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